Agriculture Input Duty Waiver

Agriculture Input Duty Waiver Main Photo

14 Dec 2020


We are now pleased to share that an updated administrative procedure now in place and with the aim of improving the efficiency of access. The duty waiver on agricultural inputs ensures the availability and affordability of more inputs – seeds, agrochemicals and fertilizers, tools, and equipment to farmers. The newly signed Executive Order is available on the Executive Mansion official website. 

Key administrative changes include: 

  • The waiver is officially open to a wider group of actors, including importers, agro-distributors, agro-dealers, and farmers. 
  • The new administrative procedure features a clearer and simplified application process. There are fewer and clear steps to take at the Liberia Revenue Authority and paperwork requirements better align to shipping requirements. 
  • Recipients can now access the waiver as many times as needed. Previously, recipients were only able to access the waiver once. 
  • To increase efficiency and turnaround time, the Ministry of Agriculture has assigned a dedicated team to support and guide applicants through the application process. The team is responsible for coordinating the review, support, and approval from Liberian agencies responsible for overseeing parts of the waiver process 

In addition to the administrative changes, the Technical Committee has also strengthened its approach to waiver monitoring and analysis and developed a communications campaign to attract more applicants and agro-inputs investment. The Committee, with support from the MoA, is working to ensure that price benefits accrue to Liberia’s small farmers. 

The Technical Committee meets monthly and plans to review performance and adapt implementation ongoing. If you have any questions or feedback on the waiver, kindly engage Mr. Randolph Kolleh – Director, Sector Coordination, Department of Planning; MoA; Email: 

Cell #s – +231 886 209 881 / 770 720 810.