Case Studies

Case study 1: Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL)

Company Background

Since 2010 Golden Veroleum Liberia, has been a long-standing investor in the country, with a strategic vision to carry out responsible and sustainable oil palm industry development, that has a positive impact on local Liberian communities. 

GVL works closely with local communities, signing MOUs directly for land acquisition, and by contributing to community development funds (CDF) alongside providing employment and opportunities for local content supply.



Case study 2: Firestone Liberia

Project Background

Firestone Liberia Inc, an indirect subsidiary of Bridgestone America Inc, .. Is the world’s single largest contiguous natural rubber producing operation. 

Its Liberia operations includes a fully funded community infrastructure consisting of housing, school, clinics and a referral hospital. It is the largest private employer in the country.

Project Specifications

Between 2004 and 2017, Firestone Liberia directly invested USD $1.3 billion in Liberia through a combination of wages salaries, healthcare, education, taxes to the government rubber purchased from Liberia rubber farmers , and payment for goods and services. These investments are in addition to purchases of equipment and manufactured goods in daily operations.

Source: Firestone Liberia Incorporated – link

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