Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Light Manufacturing

Building Materials

There is growing demand in Liberia for renovation and construction of office buildings, shopping malls, business centers, and low-to-middle income housing units. 

The immediate opportunity is in the supply and manufacturing of necessary building materials, both for serving local demand and for export.

Textiles and Clothing

Many Liberians dress in a western style on a day-to-day basis, and there is an opportunity to serve local production of clothing items, and production for export to the wider market.

There is also an opportunity to invest in production of traditional Liberian clothing, for local and export markets.

Rubber & Plastic Products

Liberia is a large exporter of raw rubber but has no
secondary or tertiary rubber processing activities.

Investment opportunities exist in value added manufacturing and processing of natural rubber into finished products.

Wood Products

Liberia has a large supply of natural wood and timber.

Investment opportunities exist for the processing and production of wood articles, such as furniture. 

Liberia is strengthening its competency in many production activities including wood working.

Source: National Investment Commission

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