Investment Opportunities

Top 5 agricultural sectoral opportunities in Liberia

peanutsFood Crops

Food crops such as rice is an important commodity and the government of Liberia supports the development of the rice value chain to meet its food security needs. Apart from rice, cassava is also grown in Liberia

fruitTree Crops

Tree crops which includes rubber, oil palm, cocoa, and coffee play an integral part in driving the Liberian economy as over 50% of the working population is engaged in it. It is also a major source of export earnings

agricultureHorticultural Crops & Ornamental Plants

Liberia is suitable for growing horticultural crops and ornamental plants. The production of these crops is largely seasonal. For ornamental plants, Liberia’s soil conditions enable its commercial production.

poultryAnimal Husbandry

Driven by a growing population, the demand for livestock and poultry products is expected to increase in the coming years. With poultry being the main segment, Liberia imported over 37k MT of meat in 2019

fisheriesFisheries & Aquaculture

Liberia has a high potential in the development of fisheries & aquaculture due to its several inland rivers being stocked with fish. It also has a coastline of over 350 miles which consists of prime marine fishing areas along the Western Coast of Africa

Source: National Investment Commission

The food crop sector presents an exciting opportunity for investors

food crop sector
Source: USDA, National Investment Commission, FAOSTAT, Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Note: 1. Liberia Agricultural Transformation Agenda

The tree crops are the main cash crops and foreign exchange earners

tree crops
Source: Wavteq based on FAOSTAT, National Investment Commission, National Enterprise Agency

Investors can tap into opportunities across the value chain in poultry & fisheries

poultry & fisheries
Source: Wavteq based on World Bank, National investment Commission, FAOSTAT, Knoema
1. Livestock production index includes meat and milk from all sources, dairy products such as cheese, and eggs, honey, raw silk, wool, and hides and skins. 2004-2006 = 100

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