Government Support

The Liberian government intends to heavily invest in its infrastructure

2 international airports (Roberts International Airport and the Spriggs Payne Airport)

580 kilometers of coastline suitable for water transport

11,500+ kms of road and the government seeks to significantly increase this by 2023

4 active seaports, the Freeport of Monrovia, Port of Buchanan, Port of Harper and the Port of Greenville.

The government seeks to upgrade the port of Monrovia to and use it as a transport hub with Guinea and other ECOWAS countries.

The Government of Liberia plans to establish a Rail Authority to manage the expansion of existing rail infrastructure and develop new ones to increase movement of people and freight.


Source: Wavteq based on National Investment Commission, USAID, Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, Construction Review Online,  Airport Technology

Government Support

Incentives are designed and administered as part of government’s contributory efforts to support business establishments. 

Investments with a capital expenditure of US$50,000 and above in Agribusiness are eligible for incentives. 

Attractive Government incentives in Agribusiness

Incentives are granted under the Economic Empowerment provision of Tax Amendment Act of 2016 for approved investment projects between $500,000 -$9 million in specific industries,  with a reduced threshold for agribusiness. Benefits include asset and tax deductions, and exemption from GST, custom duties and income tax stamp fees.

Investments over US$10 million require the negotiation of a concession agreement, which is enacted into law to protect the investor.

Investments in prioritized areas are eligible for a special incentive package through the government’s Inter-Ministerial Concession Committee (IMCC).

Sources: World Bank Group, data indicators, 2018

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