NIC Services

The National Investment Commission (NIC) of Liebera is the arm of the government that helps domestic and foreign investors navigate through the Liberian marketplace to ensure business success.

The LNIC supports companies by providing the following services:

Access and introduction to the right decision-makers: Facilitate meetings for companies seeking to expand in Liberia by utilizing its vast network, which includes every Ministry and Agency within the Government of Liberia and a range of strategic partners in the private sector.

Establishing a business presence in Liberia: Provide guidance on the regulatory and established procedures, including registering a company, human resource information, and opening a bank account.

Assessing market opportunities: Help international companies quantify and assess market opportunities in Liberia.

Helping to select the best site location: Provide practical information on various locations and premises to help the investor properly reach their targeted market.

Providing basic business advice: Provides information about the Liberian tax system, Central Bank of Liberia Regulations, and investment incentives processes.

Ongoing Government support: Continued support after your business is established in Liberia, providing assistance on expansion and representing your interests to the government.

Support with entry into Liberia: Provide practical support and advice on the travel segments into Liberia and the Liberian immigration system, including how it works and the different visa categories.

Providing tailored assistance for entrepreneurs: Assistance provided to early-stage companies through a business linkages program, which helps connect Liberian business directly to market opportunities, and providing guidance to businesses seeking investment incentives from the Government of Liberia.