Management Team

Name: Molewuleh B. Gray, Esq.
Position: Chairman
Contact: +231-886 513754  / 770 513754  

Email: mgray@investliberia.gov.lr/molbor8701@gmail.com



NIC ED-Mr Sackor

Name: Hon. Morris A. Sackor 
Position: Executive Director
Contact: +231-881 694-612 

Email: msackor@investliberia.gov.lr


The following dynamic senior staff members support the Chairman and Executive Director of the National Investment Commission:


 DFA-Mr Dolo

Name: Mr. Saye KM Dolo
Position: Director of Finance and Administration
Contact: +231 7770888828
Email: skmdolo979@yahoo.com



Name:  Cllr. Pela Boker Wilson         
Position:  Chief Legal Counsel                      
Contact:  +231-886 513660          
Email:  pbw14@georgetown.edu



Name: Mr. Quinton Ahamad Tunis
Position: Director, Investment Promotion Directorate
Contact: +231777405511/+231886 405511     

Email: qatunis@investliberia.gov.lr/ tunisq@gmail.com



Mr Sheriff

Name: Mr. Melvin Sheriff               
Position: Director of Concessions& Public-Private Partnerships

Email: melvinsheriffsr@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Paye S. Gbelayan
Position: Director, Private Sector Development
Contact: +231 886 897995 / 770173914
Email: payesgbelayan@yahoo.com



Name: Mrs. Roundelle Clarke Johnson
Position: Special Assistant to the Chairman
Contact: +231 886 363622
Email: clarkeroundelle07@gmail.com