Business Reserved for Liberians


Category 1

According to the Investment Act of 2010, ownership of the following business activities are reserved exclusively for Liberians:

  1. Supply of sand
  2. Block making
  3. Peddling
  4. Travel Agencies
  5. Retail sale of rice and cement
  6. Ice making and sale of ice
  7. Tire repair shops
  8. Auto repair shops with investments of less than $US50,000
  9. Shoe repair shops
  10. Retail sale of timber and planks
  11. Operation of gas stations
  12. Video clubs
  13. Operation of taxis
  14. Importation or sale of second-hand or used clothing
  15. Distribution in Liberia of locally manufactured products
  16. Importation and sale of used cars (except authorized dealerships which
  17. may deal in certified used vehicles of their make)

Category 2.

According to the Investment Act of 2010, foreign investors may invest in the following business activities provided that the investment is more than US$500,000. Where the enterprise is owned by non-Liberians in partnership with Liberians, and the aggregate shareholding of the Liberians is at least 25%, the total capital invested must be more than US$300,000.

  1. Production and supply of stone and granite
  2. Ice cream manufacturing
  3. Commercial printing
  4. Advertising agencies, graphics and commercial artists
  5. Cinemas
  6. Production of poultry and poultry products
  7. Operation of water purification or bottling plant (excludes the production
  8. and sale of water in sachets)
  9. Entertainment centers not connected with a hotel establishment
  10. Sale of animal and poultry feed
  11. Operation of heavy-duty trucks
  12. Bakeries
  13. Sale of pharmaceuticals

Laws and Regulation

The Investment Act is available here.