Acquiring Land

Land ownership in Liberia is tied to citizenship, although acquisition of public land by foreigners is possible through leasehold. Leases are ordinarily for 25-50 years, but exceptions are permitted by law. The ownership, leasing, and use of land are governed by both statutory and customary law. There are basically three kinds of land in Liberia: public, private, and tribal (or communal). Verification of land titles is conducted at the National Archives.

The Land Commission, established in March 2010, is responsible for reforming land policy, laws, programs, and developing Liberia’s urban land policy. In September 2018, the Presidnet of Liberia, His Excellecy Dr. George M. Weah signed into to the law the Land Rights Act. The Act seeks to strengthen rights over customary land. Lands without deeds are classified as public land, a practice Rights groups claimed government uses to give large swathes of land to private investors as concessions. Under the law, a community’s claim of ownership of customary land will be established by evidence including oral testimonies of community members, maps, signed agreements between neighboring communities and any other confirming documents.

The new law will require a nationwide survey to confirm the boundaries of all customary lands. Under the law, a maximum of ten percent of customary lands in each community will be set aside and allocated as public land. 

For additional information on land acquistion please click here to vist the Land Commission's website.  

For industrial purposes, land is also available through the Monrovia Industrial Park (MIP), which is a 1,110 acres (450 hectares) track of land set aside by the National Legislature. The MIP is situated in Gardnersville, outise the Country's Capital, Monrovia, where several functioning factories, including an old refinery is located. The Ministry of Commerce is responsible the  management this asset and plans are underway for the redevelopment of the MIP. Foreign Direct Investments and Public Private Partnerships are encouraged as the governemnt of Liberia seeks to conclude the development of the park. 

Choosing the right location for your investment is key. Please contact the NIC for guidance in acquiring acurate information as it relates to the MIP.