National Toiletries Incorporated

Mr. Fomba Trawally, President and CEO of The National Toiletries Incorporated (NTI)

The NTI is a 100% Liberian owned company that produces Paper towels, Napkins, Tissues, Baby pampers, Hand soap, and Laundry soap locally: “Our relationship with NIC has been cordial over the years as we have experienced significant growth and diversification in our business as a result of the Special Investment (tax) Incentives." The incentives have helped keep our production and operation cost at a minimum and made us more competitive in the market. Now we are able to compete with both imported and other locally produced toiletries on the market. Our vision is to become one of the best managed Liberian owned and operated business entities providing high-quality products and optimum services at competitive prices. This can only be made possible if we are continually supported by the government and the Liberian people.